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Intel Dual Xeon Servers:
Our servers run Dual Intel Xeon processors with 2-4GB of RAM and RAID protected hard drives providing the power, versatility, and reliability required for high end servers. The combination provides outstanding performance and headroom for peak workloads, resulting in faster response times.

Raid Disk Mirroring:
RAID is short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and used to mirror data on two disk drives simultaneously to ensure data integrity. Disk mirroring protects from loss of data by instantly switching to the other disk with no interruption in service if one of the disk drives fail without requiring data restoration from a backup.

RAID also provides twice the read rate of a single disk to increase performance. When multiple requests are made for the same data, demand can be distributed between two disks therefore decreasing response time for data access.

Our Network:
Our servers are located in the Net Access (NAC) datacenter in New Jersey and the AtlantaNAP datacenter in Atlanta.

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